You rise, a mysterious, mystical drumming filling your ears. The shipmates beside you continue their chatter, clearly unable to hear it. The vibrations fill the air around you, and you follow them into the jungle. You feel the beat in the rhythm of each step, its cadence pulling you deeper into the trees.

The drumming reaches a crescendo, echoing in your consciousness, reaching every corner of your mind. You reach a clearing with an ancient ruin, a temple by the looks of it. The drumming is emitting from within. You step inside.

The smell of jungle and damp stone fills your nose as you venture deeper into the temple. Deep within, you come upon a painted wall, the stone etched with carvings in a language you cannot read, yet somehow understand. You know you are meant to be here.

You breathe, looking around to get your bearings. There are two paths to take, two directions you may go. You decide to keep following the drums that led you here, drums that are beginning to lull you into a trance. Where are the drums coming from? Left or right?