Who are You

Can you answer that?

It’s a difficult question.

So many of us don’t know.

Our identities have been built upon feedback from others. From our parents, our teachers, our friends, extended family, and even strangers on the internet. We’ve relied on the outside world to teach us who we are, how to behave, and what to desire. How to go about getting it.

It’s no wonder you’re feeling a little mixed up.

Who are you?

That is the question we seek to answer.


How do you desire to live your life?

What sends excitement coursing through your veins?

What can you absolutely cannot abide in your existence any longer?

What is your purpose in this life?

What mystical powers do you have, bubbling right under the surface?

Do you know?

Do you want to find out?

The Mystic's Journey Logo

The Mystic’s Journey is a 12-week Hero’s Journey into your soul to excavate the depths of your psyche and unearth the gems contained within.

You are not alone in your quest. Ryn Flamel, a young alchemist, is swept away on an adventure that parallels the trials and triumphs you will experience on your journey inward. It is a journey of discovering, recovering, and creating who you truly are, and who you desire to be. Know yourself, and you broadcast a clear frequency that ripples through the universe, magnetizing everything you desire to you.

You will encounter many items to aid you in your journey of self-discovery.

The Items of Your Quest


The Alchemy Journal | Soul Excavation journaling

Soul Excavation Journaling is stream of consciousness journaling that allows your conscious mind to communicate with your subconscious mind. This daily practice combines self-discovery techniques with the power to do something about the things you desire to keep in your life, and the things you desire to discard. This technique appears in the form of an alchemy journal that appears in Ryn’s Call to Adventure.

Soul Excavation Quest

The Torn Pages | Soul Excavation Quests

Your quests come in the form of torn pages from the alchemy journal. These journal prompts are designed to guide you on a journey into soul, to pull out the hidden gems that make you who you are.

The Compass | Your Human Design

The elements of your Human Design exist to guide you to alignment and living out your purpose. When The Compass appears on your journey, you will learn how to use your design in your journey of self-discovery, so you can live a life of ease and fun.


The Potions + Elixirs | Brainwave Music + 528 Hz

Music tuned to 528 Hz, the frequency of miracles, holds the power to radically transform your life and invite miracles into your experience. Infused with Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves, the music guides you into deep meditation, communication with the subconscious mind, and unlocks the floodgates of your imagination, allowing you to create a life wilder than your dreams.


The Medallion | Your Alignment Totem

The Medallion is your Alignment Totem to bring you back into alignment when you fall into lower resonance frequencies such as doubt and fear. You will use this to remember that you are the entire universe in human form, in those moments when darkness calls you to the abyss.

The Mystic’s Stone | Sanskrit Mantra Meditation

Upon defeating the villain and claiming your prize, you will receive the most powerful meditation practice I use in my life. This mantra, combined with 528 Hz, completely transformed my life in a matter of months. It is a mantra for connecting with the powerful, mystical being within you and becoming one with all of creation.

Who are You

Are you ready to find out?

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