You’ve felt the promise of a life more meaningful than the one you’re currently living. One that excites and delights you, where you feel in the flow, and believe anything is possible.

You know the treasure you seek is attainable – you’ve seen others who seemingly have all you desire. If they have it, you can have it too. You know this, and yet, this treasure eludes you.

A journey inward, a quest of self-discovery to find the path to your treasure for yourself.

Self Discovery Journey

Take a 1.5-hour Self-Discovery Journey with me to uncover the treasure you seek and your struggles with finding it. After the call, you will receive a custom Self-Discovery Treasure Chest.

Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest contains a self-discovery journal + mystical tools:


A Guided Self-Discovery Journal filled with questions designed to guide you to find your own way to your treasure, based on the content of our call. Your Self-Discovery Journal is handwritten, with surprise illustrations contained within.


A scroll with a meditation practice, and mystical meditation song tuned to 528 Hz, the frequency of miracles, and infused with Theta Brainwaves, to get you deeply meditating even if you’ve have trouble meditating before.

An aventurine stone to attract abundance, and to balance your heart chakra as you embark on your journey of Self-Discovery. Aventurine aids in confidence and courage, which are vital to your quest.

Button to purchase through my site coming soon! In the meantime, you can DM me on Instagram to request a booking.