The Premise

Following the discovery of her ancestor’s journal, 16-year-old alchemist Ryn Flamel is swept away on an adventure of high seas piracy to seek a mystical treasure. Pursued by the self-proclaimed Pirate King Blackbeard, Ryn must overcome dark magic, superstition and betrayal, find The Mystic’s Stone, and restore freedom to pirates in the West Indies and beyond.



Ryn Flamel is a young alchemist living in Brethren’s Cove, a seedy town on an English-occupied island in the Caribbean. Ryn runs her father’s alchemy shop with the help of her childhood friend, Thomas. The two get by in a world that is increasingly unfriendly to them, until they happen upon an old journal of Ryn’s ancestor’s. That journal sets in motion a series of events that takes Ryn on an epic journey which causes her to question everything she knows to be true. she soon finds herself wrapped up in a world that tests her beliefs, her physical and inner strength, and unleashes an unknown power trapped within.



Former Quartermaster to Edward Teach, the infamous Blackbeard, Zara jumped ship after learning of his plans to become king of all pirates. She picked up a crew in Nassau and procured her own ship, the Destiny’s Call. For the next 16 years, Captain Z sailed the West Indies and did her utmost to ensure that Blackbeard’s vision never becomes reality. Now, in 1715, Blackbeard is close to achieving his end. Captain Z and her crew are the only ones who stand in his way.