Character Development

Each supporting character has their role to play on the ship and in our young alchemist’s adventure. Each of her allies takes on the role of mentor, imparting their unique wisdom. Wisdom she will need in the journey ahead.

Prop Artwork

Ryn’s Call to Adventure comes in the form of a treasure map. 

She must enlist the aid of pirates to journey away from her island, to a new unknown in pursuit of a legendary treasure: 

The Abundance Stone

The Mystic’s Stone. The tale of this ancient stone has been passed down through the ages, from alchemist to apprentice. 

Many have sought the stone, yet none have succeeded in finding it.


Our young alchemist hones her craft along the journey, using her creative process of trial and error and a handful of recipes she found in an old journal of her father’s.

Character Artwork + Backstory

Twin Swords Tavern_Captain Z RGB

Captain Zarah is an eloquent pirate beloved by her crew.

Daughter of a British privateer, she first got her sea legs as an infant, and a love of the sea has been a constant theme in her life ever since. She began her career as a pirate under the wing of Captain Edward Teach, known more commonly by his enemies as Blackbeard.

She worked her way up the pirate ranks aboard Queen Anne’s Revenge, finally achieving the rank of Quartermaster – Blackbeard’s right hand. Together, they plundered English and Spanish merchant ships in the East Indies and the Spanish Main until Blackbeard’s ambitions turned him mad. He turned his attention to other pirates, breaking The Pirate’s Code. Blackbeard sought dominion over the seven seas, with grand visions of uniting all pirates under one King. Him. Those who disagreed were dismembered and their severed heads hung from the bow of the ship.

Zarah pleaded with Blackbeard to abandon his notions, seeing so clearly how these ambitions would unravel the very fabric of their world. Unable to hear her over his own Ego, Blackbeard descended deeper into madness, going so far as to hang members of his own crew that spoke out against him from the sails’ yards.

Zarah jumped ship in Nassau Port in 1717, where she met Jack Rackham at the town’s tavern. The two commandeered a sloop, painted the sails and named her The Call to Adventure, with Zarah as Captain and Jack as Quartermaster. Jack gathered a skeleton crew and the motley crew sailed around the world, collecting more members. Captain Zarah makes port in Brethren’s Cove at the beginning of our story, awaiting an adventure that has yet to find her.

Blackbeard’s desire still threatens the freedom of every pirate in the Caribbean and beyond.