The Premise

Following the discovery of her ancestor’s journal, 16-year-old alchemist Ryn Flamel is swept away on an adventure of high seas piracy to seek a mystical treasure. Pursued by the self-proclaimed Pirate King Blackbeard, Ryn must overcome dark magic, superstition and betrayal, find The Mystic’s Stone, and restore freedom to pirates in the West Indies and beyond.

The Format

The Rogue Spirit Volume 1 is a graphic novel, the first in The Rogue Spirit series.

Character Development

Behind The Scenes Videos

The story begins with a scene that portrays the struggle of the larger world. Captain Z faces off in an epic sea battle with the infamous Blackbeard, introducing us to the villain in the first frames of the story. The scene takes place at night. I struggled with how I was going to color my night scenes – should I make them darker colors of my color palette, or go monochrome? After some daydreaming, I decided on monochrome to give a stark difference between day and night.