The Graphic Novel

The year is 1715, and piracy flourishes in The Caribbean. King George, recently ascended to the English throne, is broke. Rebellion stirs in Europe as The Jacobites, supporters to James Francis Edward Stuart, former Prince of Wales, elevate his claim to the English throne.

Our story begins on a cool summer night in Cornwall, England, at the house of Trekenning; and a secret conclave, held by a small group of leaders within The Jacobite cause. Two men argue by firelight – Edward Teach, and Benjamin Hornigold.

One seeks a legendary stone – a stone with the power to sustain the war effort, and restore The House of Stuart to its former glory. The other seeks a more tactical approach – to amass a fleet of disgruntled and now unemployed (thanks to King George) privateers and choke off English trade via their pirate stronghold in Nassau.

Meanwhile, a young woman struggles with the pressures of life in English-occupied Jamaica, after the death of her father. Ryn Flamel runs the family apothecary shop in Brethren’s Cove, where her healing abilities are dismissed as witchcraft and she is being pushed to marry a man whom she does not desire.

But when it becomes clear that her impending marriage will rob her of her freedom, her choice, and her very identity as a healer, Ryn seeks a way out – and find one, she does… right into the center of a pirate rebellion.

On her journey Ryn must discover how to navigate these new waters, uncover the mysteries of her ancestry, and decide the path she wishes to take for herself.


Ryn Flamel Character Art

Ryn Flamel

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