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The Artist’s Prophecy

The Artist’s Prophecy is a collection of 3 hypnotic movements infused with Theta Brainwaves. The music syncs your brainwaves to Theta, the brainwave frequency of the subconscious mind, experienced naturally during REM sleep, in moments of insight and creativity, deep meditation, and during repetitive tasks such as showering. If you’ve ever wondered why your best ideas came while in the shower, Theta Brainwaves are behind your sudden insights.

Tuning our brainwaves to Theta State allows us to access our subconscious mind and imagination during full consciousness. The Artist’s Prophecy helps you overcome any creative blocks you come upon, and opens the floodgates of your imagination. I listen to this music before I sit down to write a chapter of The Rogue Spirit, and whenever I feel I need a creative boost.