YuviGroovi Cheers Social Twitch Emote by roguexspirit


Twitch Emotes are the first step to turning your passion for gaming and content creating into profits. Custom, beautifully crafted Emotes in the theme of your channel are a beacon that will attract quality viewers and subs. 

This service is for Twitch Streamers who are ready to take their stream to the next level. Whether you need emotes for the first time, or are looking to revamp or replace existing emotes, my Twitch Emote Packages are for you.


My clients come to me with an idea they want to see on t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, mugs, stickers – you name it. With years of experience in creating and preparing files for print-on-demand merch and silkscreening, I take your idea from the nebulous-vision-phase to a piece you can wear or use. 

Elevate your brand with custom illustrations that speak directly to your ideal customer and reflect your personality in the form of merch! Your audience wants to support you, and now you can give them another way to.

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Creating a game that needs 2D artwork? I provide art direction and guidance to develop style consistency and deliver fantastic illustrations to reflect the soul of your game. I bring your worlds to characters to life.

With over ten years of experience in production planning and execution of major projects, including an award winning documentary, I understand what it takes to bring a project from the development phase to pre-production, production, post-production, and finally, distribution. As your illustrator, I will be with you every step of the way.