It began as a whisper, made louder with each passing day. A Call to Adventure to journey within.

You know meditation holds the answers you’ve been seeking, yet feel a resistance to the practice.  Trying to sit still, you squirm. In attempting to quiet your thoughts, you turn up the volume. “I’m just not good at meditating,” you might have decided. The state of meditation, of conscious awareness, is your natural state of being. The problem you have been facing has nothing to do with some fundamental flaw – the problem lies within your brainwaves.

In our fast-paced society, we are encouraged to remain in a state of consciousness known as Beta. Beta (12 Hz – 38 Hz) is a fast brainwave frequency that is present when problem solving with logic, decision making, and focused mental activity. It’s the brainwave state of “getting shit done.”  Meditation isn’t about “getting shit done.” It’s for dropping into conscious awareness, observing one’s thoughts and emotions as they drift by, not identifying with them, and getting in tune with your Divine Being.

The brainwave states associated with meditation are much slower, called Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Most people cannot consciously slow their brainwaves down to reach these altered states of consciousness. The good news is – you don’t have to. You can tune yourself to these deep states of meditation by listening to music with binaural beats embedded within. 

Within six minutes, your brainwaves will synchronize to these slower states of consciousness and you will experience an inner peace that you have only caught glimpses of before.

This album contains 5 meditation tracks designed to guide you through the 3 stages of meditation, Alpha, Theta, and Delta for a one hour meditation. 

Each track is 10-20 minutes long, and can be used individually for quick meditation sessions.


Alpha brainwaves are present in conscious meditation and mindfulness, while daydreaming, and in the moments before falling asleep. This is a brainwave of relaxation and creativity, and can be used to alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression. Alpha frequency can help you fall asleep, or, when listened to before or during projects, unlock new creative perspectives to aid you in your work.


Theta brainwaves occur during REM sleep, moments of heightened insight and creativity, astral projection, shamanic journeys, and in deep meditation. Theta releases dimethyltryptamine (The Spirit Molecule), which is the psychedelic chemical that causes us to dream. This frequency can be used to go into a deep state of meditation, to sleep, unlock the floodgates of inspiration, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen intuition, and connect with your subconscious mind and The Rogue Spirit within.


Delta brainwaves exist in the deepest levels of meditation, and in dreamless sleep. If you listen to this as a meditation, with your eyes closed and laying down, I dare you to not fall asleep. Delta is used for overcoming insomnia and in health restoration. When listened to consciously, this brainwave brings advanced awareness and access to the unconscious. It is the entrance to non-physical states of reality.

This frequency is known to manifest miracles and profound transformation of your inner and outer worlds.

Using these songs in a practice of meditation will improve your wellbeing, and help become more present and focused in your day to day life.

The Mystic’s Journey (Alpha)

The Call to Adventure (Alpha)

The Magic of Awakening (Alpha)

The Treasure Trove of Spirit (Theta)

The Rogue Spirit Within (Delta)

Where all the answers await you, should you answer the call to connect with The Rogue Spirit within.


“The songs feel light and airy, so they’re super lovely to listen to, but they also make me feel like I can do anything, and truly rest, relax and get shit done. I’m truly able to focus. With anxiety and all the things happening, focusing can be tough, so this really helps to dial-in that focus. Using these tracks with the Pomodoro technique of focus really helps me a lot.”

Joy Schulz
Radical Joyfulness