A single, 1-hour session to get into your flow on a creative project. This consulting session acts as a catalyst to overcoming creative blocks, or when you’re unsure of where to start/what to do next. 

Who’s it for?



Twitch Streamers



What’s included?

1-Hour Live Consulting Call

Recording of the Call

PDF of Notes Taken on the Call

Music Track to Stimulate Your Theta Brainwaves
(Brainwaves Associated with Creativity/Inspiration)

How it works:

Upon payment, you will receive a PDF download with a link to schedule your call, the Zoom link + meeting ID and password for our call, and an mp3 of your Theta Brainwave music track. We will explore your project and the aligned actions and steps to take for you to move forward in creative flow. You will receive your notes from the call and the recording within 48 hours after our time together.