Interactive Self-Discovery Adventure

The greatest journey you will ever take is the one to know yourself.

The Mystic’s Journey is an interactive story, in which you are the protagonist. As the story unfolds, you are presented introspective quests.

 We begin with a journey through the basics of your Human Design, how to use it to live in alignment, and then dive into some really great questions to reveal the deepest desires of your subconscious mind.

With each quest you complete, you will discover more about what you really desire, discarding anything that doesn’t fit anymore. It’s a journey of self-discovery, an adventure into your soul to unearth what makes you feel wildly alive.

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The Rogue Spirit Volume 1

Ryn Pirate Outfit

The Rogue Spirit Volume I follows the story of a young alchemist, swept away on an adventure of high seas piracy to seek an ancient treasure. But in her pursuit of this treasure, she will find something far more precious than any stone…

Get a sneak peek at the character development, artwork, and my creative process before the book is released.

On your journey, you will encounter confusion and doubt. Rather than allow the siren’s song of your ego to pull you into its dark depths, you can create a stillness within. And in that stillness, when the waters calm, you will find a clarity which mutes any noise that threatens to lure you from your own truth.