You sense that there is more to life than the one you’ve been living. One without the frustration, bitterness, anger, and disappointment that sometimes plagues your thoughts when sleep eludes you.

It’s a whisper from deep within your soul, a Call to Adventure you are not yet ready to answer.

You are not yet ready to leave the comfortable uncomfortable of your Ordinary World. Though your life has become like a costume that has grown too tight, The Unknown is a much scarier prospect than The Known. That costume is not so uncomfortable that you are ready to take it off and reveal the fullness of your being beneath the worn fabric.

But you will.

Your soul is calling you to awaken, to shed the layers of shoulds and coulds that you’ve gathered on your life path. The layers that have formed a False Self – The Ego – which keeps you from expressing your unique magic into the world and living at your full potential.

This is your Hero’s Journey, a Spiritual Journey of Self-Discovery.

I believe we all have the answers within ourselves, we just have to go inward to find them. On my own journey of Self-Discovery, I was led on a journey through Spirit, where I discovered spiritual tools like Mantra Meditation, Chakra Frequencies, Soul Excavation and Human Design to uncover my True Self that was buried beneath years of conditioning.

The object of my quest was to find my soul’s purpose. I so deeply desired to do meaningful work in the world, and I knew I wasn’t going to do that by shooting and editing makeup videos. This realization was my Call to Adventure. In 2013, I quit my corporate video editing job and embarked on a 7 year Hero’s Journey to discover my purpose work.

On this journey, I tried many endeavors. I had a sound healing business where I taught consciousness expansion through frequency. I had multiple Etsy shops, and a successful freelancing business before realizing I am here to guide others. I started The Abundant Freelancer in 2018, with the aim of helping other freelancers become abundant in their business as I had. Over the next two years, I hired multiple coaches to teach me how to have a successful coaching business. I didn’t believe I had the answers within myself, so I sought them in the outside world.

The further out I went with my seeking, the more misaligned I became. I reached the peak of my despair in November of 2019 after trying strategies that seemed to work for everyone else, but not for me. Depressed and bitter, I saw no recourse but to go inward.

Through going inward, I reconnected with my Spirit, with the truth of who I am. I realized the reason everything felt so misaligned is that everything WAS so misaligned. I didn’t want to teach freelancers how to become abundant through their businesses. I had a deeper calling, one that my Hero’s Journey had been preparing me for for the last 7 years.

I discovered I am here to guide others on a Hero’s Journey back to their soul. To help them find the answers within and guide them to the paradise within. To awaken them to their True Selves, and help them shed the layers of Ego that are keeping them from living the life of their dreams.

We all have the answers within. To unearth them, we must go on the journey inward, and I know the way. I invite you to explore my free content on my Instagram and Podcast, and venture into The Special World of my paid offers when you feel called to adventure.


The Hero’s Journey is an ancient pattern of storytelling found in Hero Myths by Joseph Campbell. He explores this pattern in his book, Hero With a Thousand Faces. The concept was later adapted for film by Christopher Vogler. Vogler published a memo in 1985 that circulated through the Hollywood studios, breaking down The Hero’s Journey into 12 steps that, when followed, produced a timeless story. The memo became so popular that he wrote a book called The Writer’s Journey, expanding on the ideas contained within.

Disney applied Vogler’s Memo with a level of mastery. You’ve seen The Hero’s Journey in Disney and Pixar films like Aladdin, Hercules and Toy Story in the 90s, and modern films like Moana, and one of my new personal favorites, Onward. Star Wars: A New Hope was the first majorly popular film to use The Hero’s Journey pattern of storytelling in filmmaking. That was back when the franchise was owned by George Lucas and not by Disney.

Other films you may have seen that follow this pattern are all of the Star Wars films, the entire Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Matrix, The Count of Monte Cristo (excellent film), The Hunger Games, Ready Player One, The Shawshank Redemption and countless others.

It’s such a powerful story because it is the story of self-realization, of deep, inner discovery and transformation. It speaks to us, because it is our story, and we go on Hero’s Journeys every day of our lives. Our life is one long Hero’s Journey, made up of many smaller Hero’s Journeys that add to the evolution of the whole. You truly are The Hero of your own story.


Dissatisfaction and disappointment with your Ordinary World and the way things are leads you to seek change. The call to create the life you truly desire grows louder with each passing day. 

You know your dream life is out there, waiting for you to claim her, but cannot see the path from here to there. You search for answers, and deeply desire to understand what you must do to make your dream life your reality. The more you learn, the further away your dream feels, as though it may elude you forever.

Then, you meet a Mentor, someone wise, who confirms you can indeed have the treasure you seek, and beckons you forward on the quest. The Mentor prepares you, introducing you to the tools you’ll need for the journey ahead. Together, you cross the threshold into The Unknown. In this Special World, you face many tests and challenges, each strengthening your skill and might.

As you progress through your journey, a sense of foreboding descends upon you. The feeling of impending doom, of danger about to strike, grows stronger with each step. Self-doubt, worry, and confusion give shape to an Ordeal that shakes up the very foundation of your being, something that seems to threaten your entire world as you know it.

You emerge from the cave of your Ordeal with your life, but only just. You are rewarded with a sense of confidence at having escaped certain destruction. This confidence is short lived, as you soon discover that the journey is not over yet. Your greatest fear manifest, your villain, must be faced one last time before you are to defeat it once and for all.

Through this internal battle, you discover a single truth: You have had everything you needed inside of you, all along. In this moment, you are reborn The Master of Two Worlds, armed with everything you need to finally defeat your villain. The villain vanquished, you return home to The Ordinary World with The Elixir to cure the dissatisfaction of your old life. You emerge from your journey, a changed person, satisfied with the treasure you found on your quest.

That is, until your next Call to Adventure comes around.

The Hero’s Journey is Your Story.

It is the path of self-realization, of enlightenment, of spiritual awakening. It is the pattern that unfolds as we journey to the center of Self, to discover who we truly are. The Hero’s Journey is a map of transformation, hidden in myth for us to find.

I offer you a quest. Go on this Hero’s Journey to the center of your soul, awaken your inner mystic, and allow her magic to transform every aspect of your Ordinary World into your dream reality. I invite you to discover and awaken The Rogue Spirit within.

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